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Whether you are perhaps a offer planning for a celebration, wedding, assembly, family gathering or occasion of any sort or an expert meeting advisor, Special Locations might help you discover meeting service, food area, the ideal convention center or retreat center.

Search our huge repository of assembly places and function venues as well as in America and Europe, including schools schools, galleries, mansions meeting centers, function venues restaurants computer laboratories and much more.

The party you will remeber whole life

Entertainments and attractions



Different venues have its own different purpose. Stage for concerts, disco ball for parties, huge hall for Waltz dance, etc.



There are always mini-games no matter what kind of occasion it is. They are always available for everyone.

Food and attractions


Ravioli of lobster


Pan-fried sea scallops from the Isle of Skye


Smoked chocolate cigar


Cuvée ‘Dom Pérignon’, Brut

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